Athina Merckx

I'm fundraising for a great cause!

I am riding in Athina’s Ride to raise funds for increased research in Desmoid tumours through The Desmoid Tumour Foundation of Canada (DFC).

I am one of the 2-4/million affected by Desmoid tumours and my only goal is to help raise awareness and options for others affected. My journey has not been an easy one and that is something that is hard for me to admit. I usually prefer to stay away from talking about my journey and the disease that has changed my life forever because it already took away so much from me. But not talking about it won't change the fact that I had to have major surgery at the age of 13 and it won't change the fact that I had to receive chemotherapy treatment the following year. Those big events in my life will always be there and they will always affect me whether I accept that or not. What warms my heart is the fact that I know that the research and funds that are produced from Athinas ride will help the next little girl who is diagnosed with this scary disease. The dream is that she won't deal with misdiagnosis and "the wait and watch tactic". The doctors will know what to do and how to get her the help that is needed. There will be bumps along the way and the journey will still be hard but the fear of being in the hands of people who don't really know how things are gonna end up won't be there. The reassurance of knowing the outcome might be more prominent in her experience and that I can tell you will really help. So please help me reach my fundraising goal to find a cure for Desmoid Tumours.

To donate securely, visit my fundraising page! While you’re there, be sure to check out my progress leading up to the big ride in July and consider joining Athina’s Ride with me!