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I'm fundraising for a great cause!

In February 2019, we discovered our daughter Athina had a tumor in her knee. Our world changed that day. You try to remain strong, but the reality is you are left with doubts while feeling frustrated and completely powerless.

A month later, Athina was diagnosed with a very rare disease called Desmoid Fibromatosis, an underfunded disease affecting only 2 to 4 million people. 

After going through surgery and a year of chemotherapy she is still fighting against this disease. I am asking you to help her and all the people in the world affected by this disease with a call to help raise funds for research to find a cure.

On July 10th, I will ride 160 km to raise awareness for this disease and I hope you can help reach my goal of $10,000 going toward Desmoid Tumour Foundation of Canada.

To donate securely, visit my fundraising page! While you’re there make sure to check my progress and maybe we can complete Athina’s ride together.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Philippe Gilbert


Axel Merckx


Eddy Claudine Merckx


Maurice Heleven

Beste Axel, veel sterkte. Wij steunen dit heel graag en duimen voor beterschap. Van uw trouwe supporter, Maurice Heleven Diepenbeek.


John Hill


Rudi Curvers

Axel, en tant que papa de 5 enfants, je vous soutiens de tout mon coeur. Athina, ton papa et ton grand-père sont des battants qui n'abandonnent jamais. Tu es de la même trempe. Be strong, courage !


Ana V

Hi Axel I’m Frank Hendrickx’s partner Hope your daughter will recover soon


Frank Hendrickx

Hallo Axel, veel sterkte toegewenst aan Athina en de hele familie!! Frank (Barcelona)


Koos, Michiel, Erwin


Bikelife Cycling Team



Veel sterkte daar …



Go Athina!!!


Tod, Jaya And Cally


Neil Smith


Peter Delarue

Mooi gebaar naar je dochter toe en enorm veel respect voor het initiatief.


Filip De Pooter

Dear Axel , I hope this donation will be helpful to get to your goal and will help the cancer fund from your daughter Athina. All the best.


Catherine Van De Steene

Dear Axel and family, with all our heart we pray for your lovely daughter Athina. Let’s hope she get well soon. Kind & Warm regards Catherine Van de Steene


Joeri/sabine De Knop/huyghe

With love, from the two of us. Many greetings to all and especially to Athina! Keep up the good mood and positive vibes, girl.


Tante Josee

Beste, Axel, wij leven heel fel mee met jullie. Veel succes. Tante Josee uit Diepenbeek.



Good ride !


Teresa Ligonzo

You all stay strong and confident. With love and very best wishes of success.


Eric Vander Veken

Good luck !


Rúben Guerreiro


Bart Schols

Dank voor het etentje en de fijne avond. Succes met de fundraising! Bart


Yves Ciemniak

De weg kan moeilijk zijn. Maar houdt de moed erin op mooie vooruitzichten. Omwille van het feit dat: tijd raad brengt en technologie nooit stil staat


Stephane Lejeune

Courage !




David Mary

Courage Athina !! Stay strong and all the best 💪🏼


Heleven Ingrid

We wensen u alle geluk!




Chet Kapoor

Very sorry to hear about your daughter's condition and hope she recovers soon! As a dad of a 14-month old girl who already spent the first two months of her life in a NICU, I can imagine nothing more painful.


Peter Peys