Emily Smith

I'm fundraising for a great cause!

I am riding in Athina’s Ride to raise funds for Desmoid research through The Desmoid Tumour Foundation of Canada (DFC).

Desmoid Tumours are extremely rare, affecting 2-4/million. They are locally aggressive and can cause life threatening problems or even death when they invade vital organs. The tendency for recurrence with surgery makes the treatment of these very rare tumours challenging.

Rare conditions like Desmoids are underfunded, often leading to misdiagnosis and discrepancies in treatment. Athina’s Ride is a new Virtual Cycling Event that will bring riders together everywhere to help raise money for this important research.

Please help me reach my fundraising goal to find a cure for Desmoid Tumours.

The DFC is the only not-for-profit in Canada dedicated to finding new treatments and hopefully a cure for desmoid tumours. In a year made more difficult by the ongoing pandemic, your donations will make a huge impact.

To donate securely, visit my fundraising page! While you’re there, be sure to check out my progress leading up to the big ride in July and consider joining Athina’s Ride with me!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Winterberry Family Medicine


Michael & Carolyn

Emily you are so generous with your precious time always willing to help. Your ride was fantastic, so determined to complete your commitment and .finish. Congratulation a job well done !!!


J Douglas Hanna

Well done!


Bill Curtis

Your go Emily! Thanks for help organize this. We had four riders and rode 53 miles...for a total of 212 miles this year.


The Pond


Jacques Mignault

Congratulations for your commitment to this cause. Enjoy the ride!


Ron Mills


Peter & Anna Narduzzi

Thank you for supporting this important research.


Joey Smith

Sorry, this is late, Em - such a (Mary) Smith thing to do!


Jacquie Fell



Mike, Amanda And Kennedy


Emily Smith